Spring 2015 Induction Ceremony

Member Spotlight

Carolyn Schubert

Introducing: Dr. Carolyn Schubert, Acting President of the Epsilon Chapter!

Epsilon welcomes Dr. Schubert to the office of Acting President!  A long standing member of Sigma Theta Tau, Dr. Schubert brings her positive energy, enthusiasm and leadership to the office as a Certified Nurse Educator and Clinician.  She has been with the Ohio State University’s College of Nursing for the last 10 years teaching in the baccalaureate, masters and doctoral programs. For her complete bio, please see her profile on the Officer Roster page of the Epsilon website.

Acknowledging the importance of nurse’s memberships in professional organizations, Dr. Schubert describes their purpose:  

“Membership in professional organizations first and foremost brings us together.  We nurses have a common interest—in making our profession the best that it can be.  We gain power and recognition through this unity, and we can overcome obstacles and make our voice louder, when we join forces.  We can’t accomplish change in nursing and in healthcare unless we gain strength through unity.  The Epsilon Chapter of STTI based on honor offers local nurses that unity, structure and professional voice."

Nurses' involvement with professional organizations often begins with student membership.  Epsilon actively seeks to broaden its base through its annual recruitment and induction process. Dr. Schubert offers her perspective:


“Student leaders can bring new energy, new perspective, and new enthusiasm to our chapter and to the organization. They can connect with the future generation of nurses more quickly than their predecessors. Students are our future—they have a unique skill set (eg technology and the use of social media) and know how to utilize these tools to network and express the values, voice and role of the nursing in health care.”

Reflecting on the current challenges of the nursing profession, Dr. Schubert shares:

“A big challenge to nursing is the aging of our workforce and the difficulty we face in securing the next generation of nurses.  We can't 'grow' our BSN programs for future nurses because we don't have enough faculty.  This is going to require government funding and changes to the way we think about nursing education.  Until salaries are competitive with those in the clinical setting, this problem will persist.”   

The current focus of the Epsilon Board’s efforts under Dr. Schubert’s leadership is to develop initiatives to further develop and enhance the Chapter’s strategic plan.  Please share your thoughts, ideas or questions by email: CON-EpsilonPresident@osu.edu


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Epsilon's Excellence

Epsilon is proud to announce our two autumn scholarship winners, Shannon Gillespie and Kimberly Weirick.  Both received $500 to support their scholarship.  Shannon's PhD research is entitled "Pathways to Shortened Gestation among Black Women" while Kimberly's DNP project title is "Workplace Pedometer-Based Walking Evaluation Program."  We are honored to support these two outstanding scholars and look forward to hearing more about their work. 

Shannon Gillespie             Kimberly Weirick

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