Epsilon Chapter Small Grant Award

Guidelines and Application

The purpose of the Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Chapter Small Grant Award is to promote small research, evidence-based, or quality projects conducted by Sigma Theta Tau members.

Grant monies must be used for budgeted items related to the project as outlined in the proposal.  It is not the goal of this grant to fund institutional fees, travel, or salary/stipends.

A maximum of $1,000.00 will be considered per award.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of Chapter members and faculty.  Final awards will be determined by the Chapter Board of Directors based on the feasibility of the plan, potential impact on the grantee’s professional development and the overall merit of the proposal.

Along with this application, a two-page proposal should include the project title, its purpose, collaborators (or faculty advisor), main tasks to be accomplished and a timeline for completion of these tasks.  Use one inch margins and 12-point font in the two page proposal. No attachments or additional pages are permitted.

The application for this award must be submitted by October 30, 2015 at 5:00pm.  Awards will be distributed the first Monday in December.  Please email your application to

Dr. Timothy Landers, RN, CNP, PhD, (landers.37@osu.edu).  Late submissions cannot be reviewed.