Sponsored Projects

February, 2014—A scholarship was awarded to Ashley Weber to support her PhD research project, titled  Relationship between oxytocin levels and conditions of early infant experience and neurodevelopmental outcomes in this population.”  The scholarship will support Ashley's doctoral dissertation, which is the first in a series of studies addressing the impact of stress on outcomes mediated by the hormone oxytocin. Ashley will examine relationships between oxytocin levels and conditions of early infant experience that have been linked to neurodevelopmental outcomes.


February, 2014—A Monetary contribution was made to support OSU College of Nursing’s 15th trip to Choluteca, Honduras for global health outreach, scheduled for March 5-13.  The interdisciplinary care team will include nursing faculty, nursing students, medical students, pharmacy students, and Spanish students/translators.  The team will deliver care to between 1500 and 2000 patients. 


February, 2014—A ticket ‘package’ was purchased to cover attendance of one student and one Epsilon member at the OSUCON Centennial Gala.  The event acknowledges the college’s 100th year anniversary and recognizes 100 nursing ‘transformers’ who have made significant contributions to our community and our profession. The event will be held on March 29, 2014.